Want to stay up to date with what is happening with Fool Studios? Below are the latest posts that have been made by the team!

Faerie Journey

Faerie Journey has been released. This is a game that was developed as part of a challenge between FoolsLynx and his friend, Strawberry. Lynx would create a game in 31 days while Strawberry would create a collection of artwork. Both followed a basic outline: “A fairy must travel the forest, gaining the help of the […]

Not Roblox

I feel like I need to write this to make things clear. There is a roblox group that uses our brand name (Fool Studios). As much as it annoys us that there is a group using our name, we will not take action against them. Just remember that we are not associated with this group […]

Terraria Modding Tutorials!

Last night, we added a new page to our website related to Terraria. As you know, on the FoolsLynx YouTube we do videos on Terraria Modding and we figured that we would make a written series for those that want to learn Terraria Modding in a different step by step way. You can visit this […]

Our Patreon

Fool Studios has its own Patreon that you can support us on. Patreon is a website where creators can create a page where their fans / followers can support them by becoming patrons. Patrons get benefits such as exclusive content, early access, private live streams etc. Fool Studios’ Patreon is a place where we will […]

Who Are We?

We seek to create entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Ranging from Role-Playing Games, Adventure Games, Card Games as well as creating videos that help and assist our fans.

Game Development

Fool Studios is a dedicated game developer that seeks to create video games of all forms ranging from RPGs, Platformers, Adventure and Card Games. We are passionate about creating fun and unique content for all to enjoy!

Video Production

We create many videos on our YouTube channel that focus on different subjects such as game development videos, tutorials, sneak peeks and gameplay videos.

Meet the Team

The Fool Studios team is made up of creative people that enjoy gaming and have many ideas that we work with.



Lynx is the Founder of Fool Studios and the leader of the team. He is the creator of the Arc-Blade universe.



Berry is a talented artist that has a creative mind. She enjoys the worlds that are created by the team as well as helps with the lore of the projects we create. She enjoys Pokémon and the Persona series.